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Characteristics and latest trends in android app development

In the previous read, we discussed how to choose the best web designing company. Now let’s get to know more about android app development and also about the company offering the best android app development in Qatar

Android app is a software application. it is running on an Android platform. Because the Android platform is built for mobile phones, a typical Android app is designed for a tablet PC or a smartphone running on the Android OS.

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Characteristics of a good android app

  •  User-Friendly:- The application should be user-friendly.  it should have instructions on how to use the app and it wants to be an easy-to-use interface.
  • Loading Speed:– The operating speed or the loading speed of the app must be faster; so that the user can use the application without any interruption.
  • Better Performance:– Some apps will drain the charge in the battery. So the application should be designed in such a way that not to drain the battery and it could be used for a long time.
  • Modern Techniques:– Since technology grows fast, the application should be able to adapt to the latest technologies and also might have regular updates to make the app even better. Android Apps & Technologies is having experienced mobile app developers who can build mobile applications in different operating systems.

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Latest trends involved in android development

The whole world is talking about the latest trends in Android development and it is heavily affected by the presence of digital technologies. And, another reason is people becoming more tech-conscious than before

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:– The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) means the capability of working as the human mind of a computer and performing tasks that require intelligence that human beings are endowed with.

Machine learning, an AI part, includes data processes in machine and machine learning by itself, without our teaching or guidance. You need to have a great deal of knowledge and research to learn machine language.

  • IOT (Internet Of Things):– IOT has turned out as a very advanced concept for us. By means of the concept, our daily work has become much easier by connecting an electronic device with our Smartphones.

            4 Top IOT Features:- 

  • Safety
  • Energy
  • Connectivity
  • Sensing
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Apps:– Cloud Application, a software program, is designed to access the Internet. Due to the high demand for Cloud technology, Android specialists are paying attention to Cloud-based applications. The technology lessens the load to access data by numerous kinds of portable computing devices.

Some major features of Cloud-based mobile apps are given below:-

  • Security: We are provided with better data security for commercial businesses.
  • More space for data: We are given more data space for an online cloud app, for instance: Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on.
  •  Flexibility: We get more flexibility for data streaming like video, audio, online gaming, and the like.
  • Android Jetpack:–   Android Jetpack is a set of tools and guidance to build the best Android apps capable of running faster.   This Jetpack used to put in all the support libraries that exist, architectures and structure them to be ready to tackle issues like app management, backward compatibility, and so on.

       The following are the 5 top features of Android Jetpack:-

  • Navigation
  • Architecture Components
  • View Model
  • Live Data
  • Slice
  • Kotlin:– Kotlin is known for having a statically typed programming language running on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Kotlin is supported by Android studio 3.0 and higher. It’s easy for us to create new with Kotlin files by adding files to the existing project and after that convert java code to Kotlin.

4 Top Features of Kotlin:-

  • Compatibility
  • Performance
  • Interoperability
  • Faster Compile Time

 How we can help you in building a great mobile application as the best android app development Qatar

  • New Sale Generation:- This is especially relevant when it comes to e-commerce businesses that have limited the scope of their sales by only conducting their business using websites. It is high time now that the modern-day businesses especially understand the kind of relationship a modern-day consumer has with their Smartphones. Spoiler Alert! It’s quite an intimate one.
  • Enhanced Customer Retention:- It has proven by industry leaders that developing a mobile app immediately takes the customer experience up several heights. When the customer experience becomes better, it is only natural that the customer retention rates go high up as well. And, we all know how important it is to retain our customers.

Increased Operational Efficiency:- The benefits of a mobile app for a business extend beyond customer retention. So Let’s talk about a key element in running a business – operational efficiency. For a business especially this can be quite a drastic situation.

A mobile app can help your business with your internal operations, inter-departmental communication, and can help you bring down the associated costs.

Reduction in Operational Costs:- A mobile app can bring about a definite growth in business in more ways than one, beyond targeting customers.

A strong channel of communication mobile apps has an inherent ability to bring about a smoother flow of operation which directly brings down the overall operational costs.

Earn Through the App stores:- To drive my point home, here I am going to talk about Spotify. Hold on! I am not saying that your business will turn into something as huge or comparable to Spotify.

However, what I am going to talk about here applies as effectively to small businesses as well.

 So what are you waiting for?

Meridian Solution INC is a gateway to the exploration of the latest business trends and it is very essential to survive in this most modern and rapidly changing technological era. Let’s walk hand in hand!!     

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