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Hey people. This time you’ve got a quirky headline. Isn’t? What’s in a name! What does it mean? Well, in this digital industry, plenty of e-commerce websites are been releasing day by day. How can we stand unique among them? Under this circumstance, the name of your website plays a crucial role. This is the method by which you create your own brand name and brand value as well. Without bragging let’s start the discussion. At the end of the discussion, we’ll introduce the top centre that offers the best eCommerce solutions in Doha.

It is always recommended to have a short name for your website. The right name can create magic in your business by establishing its own brand value. To identify your brand name by the customers, we need to carry out certain practices.

  • Get a short and a simple name
  • Give space to creativity
  • Create a connection with the domain name
  • Let it be original
  • Consider your online existence
Get a short name

Initially, you may find this trick as a simple one. In one angle, it is. But when we get deep into it, we need to think about various other aspects. To create a short name is like a name which should reside in the minds of the people. It shouldn’t be trouble causing word.  Always try to make it as simple as possible.

  • You can have a combination of two short words. These words can be rhyming which creates easiness in memorizing.
  • By referring to the existing top brand names you can create a name for your business. You can even modify them. For example Goibibo, Google, ADIDAS, Levi’s, etc. don’t hold any meaning but they have established in the industry. So, think about it 😛
Give a space to creativity

Being a beginner into the business field, you may be subjected to tremendous dilemmas. So it is preferable to give a space to creativity. You can make an idea by simply going through the events you’d been long back. Listen to your surroundings and get more ideas.

Create a connection with the domain name

Most of the business organisations wish to have a domain name that consist of .com. First of all, keep in your mind that don’t worry about not having a desired domain name with .com.  Instead, try to create a domain name that syncs with the available extension. With the creative mind set, you can create wonderful yet powerful domain names with mind blowing names.

Let it be original

Make sure with the name you have got for your business is legally eligible for the purpose you thought of. For a 100% security, it is better to be verified with a lawyer. Another point to be noted is that, make sure you don’t own a main which belongs to generic name category. This may find difficulty as the journey continues. You can even check out the social media platforms to know the availability and popularity.

Consider your online existence

Once you are done with the final list of your domain names, check out the existence of each domain name. This is actually a ridiculous task since you prefer .com for your business. A large percent of solid names have been already booked. Choose your domain names wisely.

The above-mentioned tricks will help you find the best name for your website. It is clear that domain names play a major role in the overall performance of e-commerce websites. Also, names alone won’t give you the top position. An expert team who are good in developing and managing eCommerce websites is required. Where can you get such a Best eCommerce development agency Doha? As promised in the beginning, we have got Meridian Qatar for you. We have marked our own signature by offering the best in class services and that’s how we become the Best eCommerce solutions in Doha. We never compromise in the quality we deliver in our works.

Meridian Qatar – It’s guaranteed!

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