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The importance of having a responsive WordPress Website in 2020

Hello Guys, wish you all a Happy New Year from Meridian – The Professional WordPress website design Qatar. Here we back with another blog – The importance of Having a responsive WordPress Website. 

WordPress – The best Content Management system with which is free, open-source software that you can install on your web host to create a website. The main advantage is that it is highly responsive to almost every device like Smartphones, Desktops, laptops and smart tablets.

While coming into the global website statistics, WordPress powers 34% of the internet in 2019 that a 4% increase than the previous year. 

While comparing among the other CMS engines, WordPress dominates the row with a 60% occupancy.  These are pretty big statistics dominance from WordPress showing its Authenticity and occupancy as a website engine.

WordPress emerged as a blogging platform and this organisation feeds it with regular updates and timely adaptation and build it an extremely versatile. The major advantage for WordPress is that it is completely free, redistributable without copyright issues and with unlimited validity.

Also, it is important to note that almost everyone with very little IT  knowledge can create a fully functional site of any categories. 

Let’s go in brief with the five importance of Having a responsive WordPress Website.

  • Mobile optimization made Simple
  • Built-in SEO boosting Tools.
  • You don’t need to become a security expert.
  • Simple and easy integration of tools and menus.
  • The Growth of the WordPress community.

Mobile optimization made Simple

It’s important to note that IT techs should be smartphone optimised in this Mobile-first world. The emergence of smart gadgets marked the importance of Mobile optimized websites and utilities. Now, the total perspective is changed according to time – It’s Mobile First. Your users are already visiting your website through handheld devices. Here comes the most advantageable feature for you from WordPress. 

One can define their website seems to be on mobile screens like optimized for different screen ratios and fast-paced loading. For this either you can purchase a template or reach to a Professional WordPress website design Qatar like Meridian Solution.

It’s easy in WordPress to drag-drop aligned and well optimize your Mobile-friendly websites. But the free version always has its own disadvantages in UI-UX experience.

While using a WordPress theme and plugins, it’s so easy to build such a  good mobile-friendly website and one doesn’t have to wonder about the 34% worldwide usage.

Built-in SEO boosting Tools.

It’s a fact that Search Engine Optimisation is a major fact for every business. A lot of traffic and business came from people using search queries in search engines like Google, yahoo or bing. 

Higher rankings on the Search engines results in bringing thousands of users to a website daily. Here comes the SEO war among the online business with each other for more traffics.

And that’s why SEO is so important in attracting new users and to us, WordPress help in boosting SEO with built-in tools and additional Plugins parameters which help them rank sites. And WordPress handles those parameters effectively.

Google, yahoo, bing and other search engines have pre-defined from the get-go, gives you an advantage with SEO with on mark support for On-page elements.

Precise HTML markup

HTML markup is built purely for search engines just for understanding the layout and contents more easily for search engines to index the whole content.

The most updated version of WordPress helps the crawlers from search engines to make indexing easier

Content creation efficiency.

For search engines like Google, the main part of the website is Content. Content remains the King.  Content Has been the ideal solution from the beginning stage of WordPress. 

The WordPress platform seems to be more user-friendly for a wide range of bloggers, content creators, ranging from blogging news and more.

SEO-beneficial permalinks

Perma Links – Meaning permanent links have highly influenced when a keyword related to the content and making this stuff through WordPress makes it easy to customize.

Image Optimization.

Image optimization is important for every website and this task is done with such an ease in WordPress by utilizing simple tools.

You don’t need to become a security expert.

Yes. WordPress is providing a high level of security other than any of the Content Management System. 

WordPress continuously provide updates for the users identifying and analysing the loopholes. Regularly updating the themes, plugins and the very new updated version of WordPress makes your website more secure.

Also one can reduce the risk by submitting your work to a  professional WordPress website design Qatar by adding additional scripts in them and hosting them on high secure Website hostings.

Simple and easy integration of tools and menus.

Every website definitely has an Ultimate goal. No matter what your goal is, WordPress supports with a few other apps to achieve them, like social media platforms, email marketing tools, or analytics applications.

The process to connect these tools in WordPress is super simple while compared to other types of websites. The very simple example of this process is adding Google Accelerated Mobile Page.

The Growth of the WordPress community.

The growth of the WordPress community is emerging day by day. The growth of WordPress users increased by 4% in just a year of 2018- 2019. This made steady growth in the chart of WordPress reaching 34% volume among the other websites in 2019, while compared to 30% in 2018.

This growth of the WordPress community is totally beneficial to us by making them able to provide the new best technology at the most optimal time. Impressed with WordPress Right.?

You can approach one of the best-rated Professional WordPress website design Qatar Such as Meridian Solution Inc, a company with 19+ years of experience and spread across 10 locations across the globe.

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