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As you all know, Meridian solutions Inc – one of the best web design companies in Qatar is back again with yet another blog to help you Understanding the importance of re-designing your websites. 

To the right consumers, their first impression for your business depends on your website. It’s remarkably significant for any business to have a pleasant-looking, smooth responsive website. 

Several personages while executing their research, check your business’s online presence simultaneously with your opponents’ before they call you or fill out a “request a quote” form.

Well, here in this blog we are going through the factors just to check whether its time for you to Re-Designing your website or not. 

Redesigning a website means you don’t need to change the structure from the beginning but to upgrade the existing features and removing the outdated elements from the website to make it appealing to your audience. 

Always keep in mind that  “If you aren’t satisfied with your outcome through your website, it’s time for a redesign”.

With our years of experience & as a web development firm for many top-rated companies, we have shortlisted certain features or things that one should keep in mind when planning to redesign a website. 

Here are some attributes from one of the best web design companies in Qatar, that help you determine the right time to invest in a redesign of your company’s website:

1.When your site looks outdated and old-fashioned.

2. You want to create a better user-experience like :

  • Responsive high-speed website.
  • Your site doesn’t provide user value.
  • Have outdated third-party tools on your site.

3.While upgrading your business.

4. The goal of your site has evolved 

5. You aren’t getting the outcomes you want.

6. Your current website Isn’t mobile responsive.

7. Your branding is outdated.

8. It fails to build credibility 

9. SEO isn’t part of it

10. Maintenance costing too much.

Let us mark out the above-written factors,

1. Your site looks outdated and old-fashioned

It’s important to view a website attractive and make it pleasing to the eye. Your website should look amazing at first sight, make enough to judge your class by its eye-appealing, responsible and trendy features.

After visiting too many websites, your new customer should stick up with yours when it stands out from others. 

Meanwhile, you itself feel that your website is seeming outdated and feels like a website with generations back, people with no experience in web design can tell they’re outdated. People will always go for a nice-looking, easy-to-use website.

2. You want to create a better user-experience like :

  • Responsive high-speed website

According to the latest study, about 88% of online consumers are lost due to bad site experience.

  • Have outdated third-party tools on your site
    • How are these third-party tools working?
    • Are they slowing down your site speed?
    • Are there new and improved versions available?
    • Your site doesn’t provide value to visitors

3. While upgrading your business.

At the time of upgrading your business, It is pretty reasonable to update your website same while upgrading to the new functioning policies and hence to reconstruct. It’s important to update the new products, features, and contents.  

4. The goal of your site has evolved.

Upgrading a business means a lot and is evolving. And so, the goal of your site also get evolved according to it. Upgrading the website is a vital fact for the new site.

5. You aren’t getting the outcomes you want.

When you build your website a perfect peace of craftwork that is responsible, well-optimized and yet failed to bring the results you want; then this website brings as a burden for it.

6. Your current website Isn’t mobile responsive

 According to “Statista”, in the year of 2018, More than half of the total internet traffic came from Smartphones. So, it is important to make your website mobile-friendly and responsive. 

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly and taking loading time; it’s a huge imperfection for your business and needs to be executed the most.

7. Your branding is outdated. 

Brand quality is a major factor for providing the best outcome, credibility and the standard of a business. Therefore the model of the website should be modified depending on the trends in the market.

8. It fails to build credibility 

Trustworthiness is a significant portion to build the reputation, branding and power just through a website.

If your website makes the users feel unsafe by various factors like broken links, non-SSL certified, an old type of scripts, Frequent crashing, and bad designs, credibility is done within it.

9. SEO isn’t part of it.

In order to rank your website top in the search engines, you need to optimise your website according to the guidance of different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc.

If your Current websites don’t even follow these guidelines by using any outdated contents or technologies; it’s hard to rank your websites on search results.

10. Maintenance costing too much.

If your website is costing too much in Maintenance, you need to think about the fabricating low maintenance – easy to handle websites independence of the needs, and well optimised by costing charges such as Meridian Solutions, one of the top web design companies in Qatar.

Along with being the best, we focus on our motto doing the best, which becomes the fuel for our success and today we stand out as the best web design company Qatar.

It is the after-effects of our long-time hard work and dedication towards committed works that we have done.

From this blog, we are pretty sure that you will get an overview of how important it is to redesign your website. 

So before getting the final wake up call and getting out of the competition, your opponents put in front of you, join hands with Meridian Solutions INC.

Our professional and experienced team of developers are here for you and take your business website into the next level. 

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