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2019 web design trends to follow- Meridian

Meridian Solutions Inc Qatar pioneers among the web design companies in Qatar is back with a new read to help our readers educate about the latest trends & practices involved in web designing for the year 2019.

Before, we get started with our new blog post. We hope everyone is well aware of websites & web designs if not you can explore on the same by reading our previous blog on-  Responsive web designs & it’s importance- Meridian. Click to explore. 

So, let’s begin our read- Latest website design trends for the year 2019. 

  • Mobile-first optimization March 2018 Google has rolled out mobile-first-index & after few months rolled out the mobile speed update from then it’s a rule that every SEO professional should look up to.

Now, the bots check the mobile version before the desktop version when deciding the ranking in the web searches. 

  • Micro-animationsThe usage of animations have been growing for the past years. And in 2019 animations are appearing on a large scale also in different dimensions & the smaller one among them is micro-animations.

The implementation of micro-animations gives a dramatic effect on your website’s design.

  • The color splashes- We all know that the internet is full of information & contents so how to get a cutting edge among the many websites? Well, color is the one thing that gives you an additional benefit from others.

Implementation of the bold colors is making a trend year after year.

  • Typography- It’s almost high time for you to get out of the usual comfortable fonts like- Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri.

Aarron Walter states: “Great design that uses cognitive and visual contrast not only makes you stand out, it can also influence the way people use your interface.”

Quality fonts that used to be costly are now gaining in popularity after Google Fonts made them free of charge. Fun and interesting fonts like Roboto and Open Sans are replacing once highly-popular fonts like Calibri.

  • Implementation of videos in the header- Helps you stand out among a crowd of static homepages. Also, helps in attracting more visitors to your site & thereby resulting in more user-engagement

Also with the help of videos, you can easily convey the details of the products that are very much hard to describe with the text or site content.

The above listed are some of the latest trends in web designs that can help you to stand out & deliver 100% user-friendly feel for all your visitors.

Also, in addition to that if you’re looking for a helping hand from web designing company then we Meridian Solutions Inc- best web design company Qatar is here to help you.

Websites & Portals @ Meridian Solutions Inc

Highlights the websites that we create- 

  • Delivers the best user-friendly experience.
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  • 100% content-rich website.
  • Responsive web designs.
  • Implementation of the latest trends in web designs & layouts.
  • Eye-catching visual effects
  • User-centric methodologies

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We believe that a website should make a lasting impression in the hearts of the visitors.

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